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What Is Smile Herb?

Our retail store and community Smile Herb Shop, was founded in 1974. At our shop we have always and continue to provide one-on-one attention and focus on education and empowerment, putting the knowledge and resources to heal back into the hands of those with the need.

While we are not doctors, our staff and teachers are committed to offering education and advice to seekers of everything from herbs, supplements, and nutrition to aromatherapy, crystals, and beyond.

Smile Herb School

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Recent From The Blog

Black Cohosh: More Than Just A Hormone Regulator

By Nicole Smile Think Black Cohosh is just for female bodies? Think again! Black Cohosh is a native North American herb. It is well known as a normalizing herb for female hormones, but did you know that it is also one of the best herbs for nerves and nerve pain? Black Cohosh is a key…

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Triphala Mouthwash

by Susan Wolfe Recently some interesting findings were released linking gingivitis to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Pretty scary, since about a third of us have gingivitis to some degree or another. The long-term effects of inflammation of the gums is also known to stress the cardiovascular system, so those are two strong reasons to…

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Elderberry Summer Delights

Simmer elderberries in water and you get a rich, dark, syrupy infusion that’s bursting with flavor and perfect for summer drinks. Because elderberries are antiviral, many folks reach for them in the Fall or during cold season, but I say, why wait? It’s always a good time to bolster your immune system 😊.

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