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What Is Smile Herb?

Our retail store and community Smile Herb Shop, was founded in 1974. At our shop we have always and continue to provide one-on-one attention and focus on education and empowerment, putting the knowledge and resources to heal back into the hands of those with the need.

While we are not doctors, our staff and teachers are committed to offering education and advice to seekers of everything from herbs, supplements, and nutrition to aromatherapy, crystals, and beyond.

Smile Herb School

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Nettles: Using The Whole Plant

To gain confidence as an herbalist, Jim McDonald suggests picking just one or two herbs and focus on them completely– Grow them, eat them, read about them, make medicine with them, etc. If you really got to know, say, Peppermint and Chamomile, you could work with an enormous variety of health problems with those two…

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Make Your Own Medicine: Fire Cider 101

Fall is here! Each season has its own unique energetic signature that influences our bodies, minds, and spirits. Fall is a significant transitional period for both our inner and outer worlds; we transition from the warm, social, vibrant energy of the summertime and into the introspective, and nostalgic energy of the colder months ahead. In…

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Arjuna: Rejuvenation For The Heart

Arjuna is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine that specifically cares for and strengthens the heart. Its botanical name is Terminalia arjuna, and it is a beautiful, green-leafed tree that grows in parts of India and Bangladesh. The bark of the tree is harvested and used for its rejuvenating, strengthening effects on the cardiovascular system.

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