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Cancer has likely crossed all of our paths in one way or another. Rather than feeling helpless against this malady, empower yourself! In this revealing workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid factors that increase your risk of developing cancer.
  • Evade cancer naturally and keep the cancer cells from turning “on”
  • Activate your body’s extraordinary ability to heal.
  • Enlighten & Equip yourself ……..
  • Discover what medical research has to say about food and herbs – and what to start eating NOW!
  • Which herbs have been scientifically shown to target and fight cancer cells.
  • Explore how anti-cancer foods and herbs can help you!

Don’t miss this vital opportunity to take back your health!


Join Olivia MacMillan, clinical aromatherapist, and hone your essential oil knowledge by learning to blend better blends! This webinar will discuss blending essential oils not just by their therapeutic benefits, but also choosing oils that work together AND smell good. Various blending techniques will be discussed including plant-part blending and geographical synergistic blending.


What exactly IS a plant-based diet, and why should I try it? Are you curious about what eating a plant-based diet involves? In this webinar, Colleen Mulvihill will guide you in learning about what a whole food, plant-based diet is and how it can help promote greater health and vitality.

We’ll debunk the myths associated with eating a plant-based diet, and learn how easy it can be to begin the transition to eating more plants. We’ll learn the difference between vegan, vegetarian, and other variations of plant-based eating.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll get a super easy plant-based meal recipe that you can do tomorrow, even if all you know how to do is boil water!

What Is Smile Herb?

Our retail store and community Smile Herb Shop, was founded in 1974. At our shop we have always and continue to provide one-on-one attention and focus on education and empowerment, putting the knowledge and resources to heal back into the hands of those with the need.

While we are not doctors, our staff and teachers are committed to offering education and advice to seekers of everything from herbs, supplements, and nutrition to aromatherapy, crystals, and beyond.

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Grief Relief

In light of current world events, I wanted to take some time to talk about one of my favorite formulas for depression, anxiety, and grief. Grief Relief is a simple but powerful combination of Mimosa, Rose, and Hawthorn. Taken separately, all three herbs support mental health, heart health, and peace of mind. But when they’re…

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DIY: Cleansing Body & Soul Aromatherapy Spray

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