Webinar: Lunar Journaling: Tracking the Moon’s Rhythms – Ichrak Dahou


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Journaling about the lunar cycle and one’s experience of it is a great foundational building block for those who wish to develop a deeper understanding of astrology. It’s also a wonderful way of forging a connection with the intelligence of nature found in the heavens.

In this class, participants will learn about the lunar cycle and the earthly manifestations that accompany each development of the Moon’s phases over the course of a month.

Together we will explore a method for journaling about the lunar cycle over time in order to develop attunement with one’s own rhythm in parallel with the Moon’s.

This class includes a discussion of:

  • The key points in the lunar cycle and their astrological meaning
  • Introduction to the meaning of the Moon moving through the zodiac signs
  • A method of lunar journaling to become attuned to the rhythms of the Moon
  • Introduction to eclipses
  • Introduction to the Moon moving through the natal chart
  • Practical resources for tracking the Moon
  • Q&A session