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An exciting new series by Clinical Aromatherapist, Olivia MacMillan for those longing to take her make-and-take classes, but don’t live close enough to Smile to attend!
Join Olivia as she talks about the importance of intention in making topical products and shares some of her secrets to making potent, powerful herbal-infused oils; a necessity for intentionally-crafted salves, creams, body oils, and more. Students will take away a good understanding of how to make their own infused oils on their own at home with ease and confidence as well as a few of Olivia’s favorite oil infusion recipes.


An exciting new series by Clinical Aromatherapist, Olivia MacMillan for those longing to take her make-and-take classes, but don’t live close enough to Smile to attend!
Join Olivia as she talks about making highly effective salves, balms, & ointments and shares some of her best-kept salve secrets for choosing the right formula and ingredients for your purpose. Students will learn all about the incredible herbs and oils traditionally used in making salves. Students take away some of Olivia’s best replacement recipes for natural versions of common OTC preparations.


Many of us live in a constant state of agitation or unrest. An over-stimulated or underfed nervous system can wreak havoc on our emotional state and can spill over into our relationships and our work. Herbal medicine has a treasure chest of medicinal herbs that can bring us back to balance. They can improve cognitive function, sleep, fertility, blood sugar levels, and cardiovascular health. Join Ashley Litecky Elenbaas for a look at the three major disruptions of the nervous system through a physiological lens and weave together solutions through a detailed look at herbal remedies, plant energetics, and phytochemistry.


In ancient India, people discovered that humans were not born with user manuals, but that it became possible to sustain longevity through the science and study of life which is commonly known as Ayurveda. As a native Indian, I remember my grandparents, aunts and uncles unconsciously followed the wisdom of Ayurveda which suggests that knowing thyself; emotionally, physically and spiritually brings tranquility and happiness.

Ayurveda suggest that our main constitution also known by the Sanskrit word “Dosha” is derived from nature. An individual’s fundamental character is based on the nature of air “vata”, or “pitta” sun, or “kapha” earth and water. All individuals have all three constitution and the majority of individuals have a single dosha that rules their way of life with the mild presence of the others. Few individuals have known to be tri-doshic where all three constitution reside in harmony to navigate their lives.

In this webinar you will discover your dominant dosha and what it does it mean for you to create a vision for a balanced physical, emotional and spiritual life for yourself


Having a home first aid kit is essential for taking care of small scrapes, cuts, burns and boo-boos. Join herbalist Betsy Miller to learn how we can use herbs to make first aid salves, compresses, liniments and more so that you can build your own completely natural herbal first aid kit. All attendees will receive a PDF copy of recipes to make at home.


As we enter into the cold months, learning how to support our resilience is one of the best habits we can cultivate to keep ourselves healthy all winter long. By eating the appropriate foods and supporting our bodies with nourishing teas, we can enhance our natural resistance to the colds and infections that circulate during the winter months. Join herbalist Betsy Miller to learn about strategies you can use to keep yourself healthy during the cold season!


Stress is a pervasive experience in modern culture, draining our energy, affecting our sleep, and impacting our ability to enjoy life. It’s becoming more and more rare to grant ourselves permission to unplug, rest and regenerate; rather, we’re encouraged to pursue productivity at the expense of self-care. Join herbalist Betsy Miller for an evening of botanical relaxation to learn which herbs and practices we can call on in our times of need. Betsy will discuss several of her favorite nervine plants, including rose, wild oat and blue vervain.