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Having a home first aid kit is essential for taking care of small scrapes, cuts, burns and boo-boos. Join herbalist Betsy Miller to learn how we can use herbs to make first aid salves, compresses, liniments and more so that you can build your own completely natural herbal first aid kit. All attendees will receive a PDF copy of recipes to make at home.


As we enter into the cold months, learning how to support our resilience is one of the best habits we can cultivate to keep ourselves healthy all winter long. By eating the appropriate foods and supporting our bodies with nourishing teas, we can enhance our natural resistance to the colds and infections that circulate during the winter months. Join herbalist Betsy Miller to learn about strategies you can use to keep yourself healthy during the cold season!


Stress is a pervasive experience in modern culture, draining our energy, affecting our sleep, and impacting our ability to enjoy life. It’s becoming more and more rare to grant ourselves permission to unplug, rest and regenerate; rather, we’re encouraged to pursue productivity at the expense of self-care. Join herbalist Betsy Miller for an evening of botanical relaxation to learn which herbs and practices we can call on in our times of need. Betsy will discuss several of her favorite nervine plants, including rose, wild oat and blue vervain.